Why Chemical Products Are Not Recommended In Sewer Cleaning

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A maintained sewer is an important part of a household. If the drainage for the water wastes is properly maintained, nuisances such as bad odor and risks for a lot of diseases will be minimized. Nasty things are lurking there and there’s a big chance that you wouldn’t want to see those or smell those things. It improves hygiene around your home, as well as the community surrounding you.

The issues that are commonly encountered in maintaining sewer lines are clogs that manifested because of usage. There’s a chance that a clogged sewer will damage your home when it is untreated for a long time. Clogs can form when organic and inorganic things are thrown in the sewage disposal. Flushable wipes, tissue paper, and even the scrape food that comes from your dishes can create clogs. When clogs formed, you won’t be having any other choices but to take action. If you live in Chicago, there are many sewer cleaning chicago il services available for you. 

An unmaintained sewer will also affect the environment because it will affect the bodies of water in your area. According to Forbes, all the things that left your body, as well as the things that left your kitchen sink and shower, go to the sewers. The wastes will then be processed in a plant where it will be strained and will be sent to a body of water. It is recommended that people should avoid cleaning your sewers with chemicals because it will damage the habitat and the animals that are living in the ocean or river nearby. The marine life is not only the one in danger because other wildlife and even humans can be affected because of the chemicals are thrown in the bodies of water. Communities and ecosystems that are near the bodies of water are most affected when chemicals are being thrown in the sewage. When the chemicals reach the ecosystems, there is a chance that it will destroy the ecosystems and harm the marine creatures, as well as the livelihood of people who are depending on water’s natural resources. 

Chemicals that are treated as the “problem chemicals” include triclosan with is a biocide and antimicrobial that are used in soaps and mouthwashes. It is also used on hand cleansers. A chemical called DEET are present on insect repellents and skin care products and usually reaches the sewers via the shower. There is also the bisphenol A, a plasticizer that is known to use as estrogen. Natural products are more favored because they affect the environment less and is usually soluble on water. 

Sewer drainage services are more environmentally friendly because instead of using chemicals to melt the clogs, plumbers will go to a sewer clean out and will empty the clog in order to make the water flowing again.  A sewer cleanout is a place in the drainage system where a plumber can access the water line that connects your home to the main pipe. There’s a lot of available sewer cleaning services all around. 

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