Some Lesser Known Ways To Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

Everyone can do with lower insurance costs, especially during times of year when you need a little extra cash in your pocket to get through slow times. There’s always the obvious methods to reducing insurance costs such as paying your bills on time and paying the full length of the term, bundling auto insurance with homeowners insurance, applying for safe driving discounts, adjusting your deductible and others. But you can also save money on auto insurance by looking into some lesser known discounts and doing some savvy auto insurance quote Lehi UT comparisons to see what you’re eligible for. Here’s a couple things you may not have realized. 

Apply For A Good Student Discount 

If you’re a student either in high school or college, you can pay less for your auto insurance if you’re making good grades. As this article explains, there are different good student discounts that are based on GPA, how many credits you’re taking, and turning in reports when asked. Not every state offers a good student discount, and some even have age limits and can depend on how often the student drives. But even if you’re away out of state for college, you can possibly still get what’s known as the resident student discount. 

Apply For Affinity Group Discounts 

There are other special groups who can get discounts when applying for auto insurance such as those who’ve served in the armed forces or other areas of government. But there are also discounts if you’re a member of other non-profits such as AAA, AARP, and other groups who are changing lives in the community. So if you’re not a member of a philanthropic group, joining one may not only cut you a break from Uncle Sam during tax season, it may also mean you pay less on that nice car you drive. 

Apply For A Mile Only Discount 

This is not available in every state, but some states do allow you to opt for coverage that’s based on paying for the mile as Forbes explains. Maybe you just don’t need to drive all that much or just rarely take any road trips either for business or personal reasons. If you’re a relatively low mileage user when it comes to your vehicle, applying for this option in a premium may prove very useful. You just need to be aware of any caps placed on mileage and notify your provider if your vehicle usage changes. 

There are so many ways you can cut your auto insurance bills down and not have to pay more than necessary for them, although you should definitely check with multiple carriers as well because a carrier that offers the lowest insurance rates in one state may offer the highest in another. But also check your credit report and make sure your credit score looks good because that too can help your costs. It also may not hurt to ask about other ways you can combine policies or see if you’re also eligible for any accident forgiveness options.


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