Tips and Best Practices for Corporate Security Guards

There are an increasing number of reasons to have a security guard present to protect your business. Not only can it help deter criminal activity, it can also cause employees to feel safer in the workplace. If you have a retail operation, a security guard can even make customers feel a little safer while shopping. There’s a lot that goes into protecting a business, and there are best practices that have proven to be effective over the years. Let’s review some of those best practices.

Providing Effective Leadership

One of the ways to make sure security guards achieve defined objectives is to provide effective leadership on a daily basis. This includes offering the guidance and direction necessary to ensure an understanding of internal policies and procedures. This of course means you will need to have clear written policies regarding how security situations are handled. Hands-on leadership is also a way to optimize the effectiveness of security guards because you’re able to lead by example and demonstrate how different scenarios should be navigated. Given the sensitivities surrounding the work of security guards, it’s important to confirm that everyone is on the same page.

Ensuring Continuous Training

Security guards must receive training when initially hired, as well as ongoing training to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. One of the main reasons this is important is because failure to provide training can increase your risk if an incident occurs and the security guard did not receive the proper training. Additionally, security guards must certify that they have received training and understand the topics covered. Training should also include instructions on how to operate all associated equipment, such as any security cameras cincinnati oh.

Hiring Qualified Guards

Whether you are hiring security guards that are contractors or employees, you’ll want to recruit people that have prior experience and the qualifications detailed in the job description. Some states require licensing, which should be confirmed in advance. You’ll also want to ensure a comprehensive recruitment process with the appropriate background verification. A great way to identify qualified security guards is by using situational interview questions and assessing their response. If you are obtaining security guards that are contractors, you can always request information about their qualifications from the company with whom you’re contracting. If you do in fact have a contract, you should meet regularly with representatives to discuss any issues that exist so that the necessary changes can be made.

Conducting Random Inspections 

To ensure everything is in order and employees are fulfilling their responsibilities, it’s important to conduct inspections randomly. This will ensure the proper procedures are being followed when nobody is watching. It will also minimize the risks associated with a failure to follow policies and procedures. The inspections conducted should include a checklist that aligns with the responsibilities of the position, such as permitting entry, monitoring surveillance equipment, conducting building inspections and overseeing assigned access points.

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