Is Propane Taking Over The Energy Sector?

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In the United States, over 14 million houses rely on propane heat. Although this figure is relatively small compared to electricity, it is growing. In fact, more and more people are aware of the potential benefits of converting home to propane. At the same time, there are misconceptions about this, which means unfortunately, many homes can not save money. In most cases the propane is much cheaper than the electricity, which is hot and more efficient. It means it takes less to heat the house. 

Everything in the house that works on electricity can run on propane for the most part. The cost of electricity and propane heaters in the home is calculated using the BTU (British Thermal Unit) to assess the calorific value of each fuel. According to the US Department of Energy, in the United States, propane heating systems have been cheaper than most heating systems in the United States in recent years. In addition, propane water heaters run more than two times the speed of water from the electric water heaters and more than one third for water recovery. 

Safety is also built into propane heat. As long as the ignition source does not reach 940 ° F, it will not ignite even in combination with air. Propane gas is non-toxic, has the lowest emissions and is harmless to soil and water. With propane, what you see is what you get. Electricity is measured in confusing “kilowatt-hours,” while propane is measured in familiar “gallons.” 

Propane emits less than gasoline, and the infrastructure for transport, storage and distribution of propane is also developing. If you are interested in making the switch from electric to propane, search for a propane watertown ct pro in your area for a quote. 

Propane is a versatile alternative fuel that is widely used to power home heating and many other devices such as water heaters, stoves, grills and dryers. Having a propane home heating system and upgrading your equipment to accept propane power is the best way to get the most out of alternative fuel costs and energy efficiency. 

If you need radiant heat or fluid (hydraulic) systems, propane home heating is ideal. This is considered an efficient power system. The water is heated by a propane boiler or water heater and is pumped through a floor pipe system that distributes heat evenly around the floor. Thus, radiant heat is an energy saving way to keep your home warm, so you don’t have to worry about cold floors. Compared to traditional firewood fireplaces, propane fireplaces can heat your room more efficiently and evenly. Similarly, subtracting emissions can burn up to 40 times the log fireplace. 

Houses that rely on propane heating can also used it to power certain equipment such as water heaters, grills, stoves, etc. Propane appliances have a longer service life than electric motors and usually provide better performance. With propane being cheaper, more efficient and cleaner, who wouldn’t want to make that switch? It’s propane from here on out hands down no contest! Have you made the switch?

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