Why It’s Important to Have Security at Your Event

When planning a large gathering, one of the key elements to success is security. The venue, theme, décor, guest list, and location are important elements, but security is most important. Your guests need to feel safe and not worried about their valuables. Security can escort your guests to the venue and back to their cars. Having security at your event may be a requirement with some venues so be sure to discuss it with your venue host. 

Security at your event protects against party crashers. Unwanted guests are less likely to try to sneak into your event if they see security on site. Security is also a deterrent against crimes, such as breaking into cars in the parking lot or accessing the coatroom, where valuables such as car keys and identification may be stored. Your reputation as a trustworthy event planner will be enhanced by having security personnel at your events. Choosing an event security company indianapolis in is a considerable step but be sure the company has the right experience for your particular event. 

Tips for Choosing a Security Company: 

Make sure that the company is experienced in securing your type of event at your particular venue. Verify the competency of the company by asking for licensing and certifications. Ask about the training of each security personnel member. Ask about the skill set of armed and unarmed security personnel. Be sure weapons are licensed and authorized in your state. 

Ask lots of questions of the security company and make sure that you have an open line of communication throughout your event. Schedule a time to meet with your security team and be sure you are comfortable with your communication methods. Read reviews. Visit the company’s website and other online review sites to find out other customers’ experiences. Check with other hosts in your area to find out which company is most requested for your type of event. 

Security is responsible for crowd control as well as any crime or accident that might occur during your event. They are also a deterrent against potential crimes. Discuss with your security company how many personnel you will need for the number of guests you will have at your event. Pricing and budgeting are a fundamental part of your event budget. Security is not a place to skimp on pricing. It is best to have more security personnel than not enough. 

A security company will be able to tell you how many security staff members you will need for your event. More experienced companies will generally require less staff. For instance, an experienced security company may only require two guards top secure an event with 100 guests; where an inexperienced company may need five guards for 100 guests. This is important when choosing your security company because it is better to have two well-trained and experienced security guards than five who are less experienced and not as well trained. Ask your security company about uniforms if this is a requirement. Some companies use badges, jackets, specific colors or other identifying representation. If you require a more subtle or formal approach, let your security company representative know.

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