What is a Patio Enclosure? 

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Many people confuse a porch enclosure with a patio enclosure. They do have the same construction. For instance, a property can choose solid panel, glass or a screen as a way to enclose both patio or porch. However, a porch enclosure an existing area. When constructing a porch enclosure, the property owner does not worry about a roof because one is already provided. A patio is different. It is an open space. Thus, a lot more work must occur to fully enclose the area. 

What is a Patio Enclosure? 

A patio enclosure is a way to close off a space to make it more private. The patio may be in the front or back of the property. The purpose of enclosing the space depends on the property owner’s needs. For instance, they may want a more private entertainment area. They may want to shield the space from sunlight. 

Use Glass or Screen to Enclose a Patio 

Enclosing a patio involves a couple different options. One option is a screen enclosure. A screen enclosure is made of a mesh screen. This means a patio will still be subjected to the elements such as rain, snow or wind depending on the location. Some companies may use a fiberglass screen. Other companies may install a fiberglass screen enclosure. 

A glass enclosure is more expensive but offers more value to the property. Glass enclosures have two options: single-pane and double-pane glass. A single-pane glass protects from the weather elements like humidity, wind and rain. It is also an upgrade from the screen mesh screen. 

The other option, a double-pane glass, is an upgrade from the single-pane version. It usually provides more energy-efficient thermal protection to the enclosure. This means when it is cold outside, the enclosed patio is warm. When it is hot outside, the enclosed patio is cooler. 

Determining the Cost of a Patio Enclosure 

A property owner’s preferences will ultimately depend on the cost of a patio enclosure. For instance, it is important to choose the materials like glass. If the patio is constructed from scratch, other material costs is included like concrete flooring. 

Know the average cost to install a patio enclosure. Patio enclosures vary in cost depending on time it takes to construct one. The overall cost of the patio enclosure will depend on extras. These extras include any windows, privacy shades, climate control or additional landscaping. 

Enclosing a Patio for a Specific Purpose 

A property buyer may love a home, but not like the fact that it does come with an enclosed patio. However, it is not a problem to enclose a patio. Before launching into the endeavor, it is important to do some research and estimate how much it will cost to enclose a patio. An enclosed patio serves two purposes. The purpose is to add a quiet, peaceful indoor/outdoor place on the property to enjoy. In addition, an enclosed patio boosts a property’s desirability. This makes it a very good investment opportunity.


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