The new era of Audiobooks – the move From Reading to Listening

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The creation of the audiobook medium has dramatically shaped the way that the world can access valuable information.


For instance, the invention of audiobooks has opened the door for more and more people to benefit from the written word – including those with visual impairment, and those who would otherwise not have the time or ability to read.


Whether the content is entertaining or educational, or anything in between, it’s not uncommon for many of us to capitalize on ‘downtime,’ such as a lengthy commute, or a few hours spent doing household chores, by putting on an audiobook.


Audiobooks, which are already a billion-dollar industry, are becoming increasingly popular each year.Many voice actors are doing audiobook narrator jobs. Do they, however, provide the same rich experience as reading? YES!


Isn’t it easy to feel like we are still living in a fiction novel where peace, love, poetry, and stories are the only things we all crave for? However, mostly we rely on lively stories to keep us going. Originally, storytelling was based on the spoken word. Wise, esteemed persons have always told stories about the peoples and traditions of the past, spinning tales to enthrall, educate, and entertain the people in their communities. How beautiful those days were when we listened to stories when there was no convenient method to express those experiences and ideas through the written word.Nowadays, tiktok voice over is becoming more and more popular.

Why do people prefer Audiobook voice over reading books?

Because bookstores in many countries were closed for almost a year in 2022, due to the pandemic, many turned to audiobooks to keep their interest in reading alive. Thousands of bookstores around the world stayed closed even though many more opened afterward. To keep people interested in reading, big retailers and publishers handed away free content to attract more people interested in digital audiobooks.


The rising localization option, which allows for the translation/dubbing of an audiobook into many languages, is one key aspect that has led to the surge in audiobook sales.


Here are some of the reasons why people prefer audiobooks over printed books:

1.  Mental health benefits

According to a study conducted by the Audiobook Publishers Association and Edison Research, over 73 percent of audiobook consumers find listening to audiobooks calming, and approximately 55 percent listen to audiobooks when they need some alone time. Both of these figures are enormous.

2.  Get more reading time

Even though there is not much of a difference between reading a book and listening to one, audiobooks allow consumers to fit more reading into their everyday life. Consider listening to a book on a smartphone or smart speaker while performing other tasks such as going for a short walk, conducting errands, or even picking up groceries. It also makes it easier for them to finish a book and pick up another one to read.

3.  More relaxed eyes

There is no denying that listening to an audiobook is gentler on the eyes, particularly when it comes to novels read on Kindle-like devices. Most of us spend about 7 hours a day in front of screens, which is a lot of blue light that can cause sleep disruption, eye strain, migraines, and other issues.

4.  Multitasking

Unlike reading, listening can be done while doing other things, such as housework or exercising. People who don’t have the luxury of a spare afternoon to immerse themselves in a good book can nevertheless enjoy a wide range of interesting reading while doing other activities.

5.  Has improved literacy rate

Audiobooks are particularly beneficial for those with learning disabilities and those learning English as a second language, according to research. Continued exposure to this type of auditory content is claimed to aid in the development of reading and literacy abilities, as well as the development of fluency.

6.Listening skills develops

Audiobooks are also known to aid in the development of vocabulary, literacy, fluency, and total language learning in young individuals. Of course, reading achieves this as well, although not as successfully in a child’s early years.


There are various advantages to listening to audiobooks, and all of this comes with no discernible change in what you acquire from the process. Researchers discovered that brain scans of persons reading compared to those of those listening to audiobooks revealed that the same areas lit up regardless of the medium. Audiobooks are just as stimulating as their paper-based counterparts, according to official evidence.


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