Brooklyn’s Finest Is Still Brooklyn

Living in New York City can be a bit unnerving at times. With so many people living among the five boroughs, the streets can get a bit rough. Though not as bad as it once was, partly due to gentrification, crime is still very prevalent in New York City. No matter which borough of “The City That Never Sleeps” you go to, safety should still be a concern. However, some parts have a reputation for being a bit more crime-ridden than others. Each borough has their own thoughts regarding the perceived dangers of their “hood”, however, the general consensus would say Brooklyn is the most dangerous. Since the gentrification of many Brooklyn neighborhoods, many outsiders perceive Brooklyn as a crime free zone where they are free to jog, bike ride, et cetera, unscathed. This may indeed be true within certain neighborhoods, however, Brooklyn is still home to some of the toughest projects and neighborhoods in the city. 

When it comes to security, many New Yorkers invest in ultra-secure locks that not only protect them while inside, these locks can also protect the property from break-ins while the owner is away. One such mechanism, which my friend’s grandmother had on her door, is called a, police lock. The police lock is one of the best security systems as it is armed and disarmed with the use of a key. While other door security systems only work optimally while you’re inside, the police lock works just as securely while you’re away. Another form of security, which is very common and one that everyone with a fire escape has, are burglar bars or a gate installed over each window that is accessible by the fire escape. Having this is almost as necessary as having your house keys, because, without it, you’ll be practically begging thieves to rob you. 

For those who don’t live in the city, however, have their business there, they too know all about properly securing their property as well. Walk down any avenue or boulevard at night and you will see nothing but gates and bars covering the shops’ windows and points of entry. Whether you’re securing your storefront, or you are a building owner in need of a bit of heavy-duty security, search wrought iron fence brooklyn ny for a list of reputable, yet affordable contractors. Many fence contractors are skilled in various jobs and can either construct a simple swing gate or an ultra-secure apartment gate. If you live in a nicer neighborhood and you are looking for something that is aesthetically pleasing, many of the companies have welders who are skilled in ironwork

No matter your taste level or your wrought iron needs, having a gate that not only looks good but works good, is definitely something to consider in Brooklyn New York. Having a pretty gate with no security is almost like having a luxury vehicle without gas or even a motor. Sure, it looks nice sitting there, but when you really need it, it’s useless.


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