How Electricians Can Save Your Life

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There are millions of homeowners that prefer to take on their own household chores, projects and even take on their own electrical repairs. Many of these homeowners are usually average working Americans who are knowledgeable of making such repairs, but not completely educated nor are they experienced to perform these electrical repairs. What many homeowners fail to understand is that electrical work can be very difficult to perform if you do not have the training or education on how to safely conduct the repairs. Not only can electrical repairs be difficult, but they can be extremely dangerous to the person performing the repairs and even everyone around. Electrical repairs are so dangerous, that even electricians themselves have died from performing basic electrical work. According to the Safety and Health Magazine, studies show that in the year of 2011 and 2015, electricians were involved in about more than 32 percent of all electrocution deaths. Studies also found that about 52 percent of the deaths that occurred from electrocutions had to do with repairing electric parts. Never do your own electrical repairs and always depend on a professional to prevent possibly risking your life. 

Referring to E-Hazard, statistics show that there was an increase of 15 percent of electrical fatalities from the year of 2015 and 2016. In addition, reports also show that there were more than 5,190 workers who died from a workplace electrical repair injury. It is critical to know that electrical work is more than just a hazard, it can cause fatalities. You can even be easily affected by conducting minor electrical work in your home. It is very important to also be aware of some of the signs and symptoms of electric shock. Some of the signs and symptoms of low-voltage electric shock may include the following: a noticeable burn to the skin, unconsciousness, numbness, tingling, paralysis, vision problems, hearing problems, speech problems, confusion, seizures and muscle pain and contractions. There are also many other symptoms that you could possibly face depending on your age and health conditions. 

Surprisingly, with all of the risks that are associated with electrical work homeowner still continue to perform their own electrical projects on their own. Performing your own electrical projects can definitely put your life at risk and the people around you. In order to decrease the risk of injury and increase your chances for survival, you want to depend on a licensed professional. These professionals have the years of experience, knowledge and awareness of how to perform an electrical repair the correct way. Take time to conduct research on finding your nearest licensed electrical contractors Chicago IL

Electricians have the proper training and skills to perform safe electrical repairs. You never want to try and take on an electrical issue on your own. One day you will be thankful that you depended on a professional, instead of perform the work on your own. An electrician could be responsible for possibly saving you from an injury you never want to experience.


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