Why And How To Pursue A Position As A Home Inspector

Home inspection is a vital part of most home sales. Realtors and home buyers depend on the information provided through the home inspection report. Sometimes the information contained in the report leads to further negotiations, and other times the information causes potential home buyers to change their minds about buying a particular house at all. The home inspector is a key component in making buyers aware of the details pertaining to their investment. Many realtors suggest reliable home inspectors to their clients. 

Home inspection is a great job for people who are helpful, thorough, knowledgeable about components of homes, and comfortable communicating information verbally and through writing. For individuals seeking a convenient way to learn more about the trade, there are Online Home Inspector Training Course options. Just as there is a lot of flexibility in the schedule of home inspectors, there is also flexibility in online course options. Some home inspectors work very part time, while others work full time. There are online course options that are available round the clock, and participants can complete the material at their own chosen pace. There are versatile ways to become well rounded, and real life experience only enhances what is learned through the training course. 

Some online training courses also include the use of a handbook or textbook, which will most likely prove to be a valuable resource even long after the course has ended. Handbooks are also available to assist individuals in preparing for the National Home Inspector Examination
The National Home Inspector Examination website is a wonderful resource for identifying which states are regulated and for becoming more knowledgeable about the exam itself. The website also includes a database of credentialed home inspectors per state. 

Passing the examination and gaining experience through a certified course make home inspectors more respectable in the industry, especially since requirements for home inspectors vary per state. Some home inspectors also gain credibility through professional affiliations and endorsements. Some example of these affiliations are the North American Association of Home Inspectors and the International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors. While participation in these organizations does involve membership dues, there are also perks such as continuing education support, marketing assistance, certificates and business cards, discounts for software and insurance, and even legal advice. Professional affiliations help home inspectors to stand out from other inspectors in the area and to gain credibility and referrals. 

Becoming a home inspector is a rather quick way to begin a career in the home buying and selling industry, and is one that should be taken seriously. It is a satisfying career and one with appealing scheduling flexibility. There is also the opportunity to work for a firm, or to go into business for yourself or even to buy into a franchise. There are great online courses that bring individuals up to speed about any home components they are not already knowledgeable about, and this is all available in the comfort and convenience of home. It is a position and option well worth exploring. 


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