Three Golden Questions to Help Avoid Costly Mistakes for Your Timber Decking

Any time the weather conditions become favorable, even the slightest glimpse of the sun rays, we have the insatiable urge to be out in the gardens. Probably not with the sunblock and a cocktail, but a cup of tea can do and just bask in the suns glory for a few minutes. We just want to catch even the tiniest bit of warmth and enjoy the good feeling at the start of the year. Previously, the patio was the place of choice, however, timber decking has taken over today. Every homeowner wants it and everybody needs to have it installed on their property.

Even the simplest of timber decking systems coming from basic decking DIY ideas can cost a relative sum. This begs the question: how will you get the timber decking project started off the right way? What are some of the things you should give preference before you begin your project? Well, this post is written concerning timber decking project and how you can maximize on your decking ideas. Ensure that you understand the responses to these questions before pulling out your hammer, saw and nails from your garage.

What is the Shape and Size of Your House and Garden?

For any design related projects, balance and proportion are crucial in perfecting their look. Think of a tiny deck designed on a huge house or a tiny garden with an oversized deck! That’s dreadful, right? This is why balance is vital. Essentially, when you own a large house, you have all the options available to you. However, you can still do more with your small garden. For instance, you can do away with your small garden and instead have your decking fill it up. This way, you will have utilized every inch available, removing the need for lawn maintenance, and making it look less cluttered.

What Time Will the Timber Decking be In Use?

What is your daily fixture? Do you plan to spend your time here in the evening only? What about the direction of the sun? Perhaps you get irritated by the sun and prefer the shady places more. For this reason, you will need to determine the progress of the sun in the daytime to figure out where the shade lies the most and when. Shape and site your timber decking to achieve what you need and where you require it to be.

What will be the Purpose of Your Timber Deck?

Are you planning to install your timber decking for entertainment purposes, romantic hideouts, or sunbathing away from the noisy neighbors? Do you want it to add up as the children’s play area? You have no reason whatsoever why your timber decking northern beaches ideas can’t incorporate such options. You only need to outline them before you begin this process. All these different requirements will mean incorporating different things to meet the various needs.


Timber decking provides a nice place to relax in your outdoor space. However, these three crucial questions are what you need to find answers to before beginning your timber decking project. Finding them will assist you to alleviate costly mistakes. Additionally, you will be able to get more value out of your timber decking.

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