Resumes For Teenagers: How and Where To Find Them

Teenagers need resumes just as much as adults so who may already be in the workforce, or maybe job-hopping.  Adults usually have access to resume templates from their previous positions, from peers at the workplace and also from high-priced online resources.

Teenaged students, however, encounter challenges when they are seeking out resume templates for teens — they have limited resources available for hunting down good quality teen resume samples. Additionally, they do not have access to the same deep pool of contacts or financial resources that adults enjoy. This is unfortunate since teenagers face greater hurdles when crafting resumes, and they often do not even have familiarity with intricacies of how a resume should be structured, or what it should contain in order to be effective.

This is where a resume maker system with a wide selection of resumes for teenagers  comes into the picture. When a range of resume templates are made available to teenagers, they can select the ones that are tailored to their needs. Standard examples of resumes seldom serve the needs of teenage students, since these never highlight their school activities, GPA, athletics and the like. In addition, teenagers generally do not have any meaningful work experiences that can be mentioned on their resumes. This mismatch between adult resumes and teenage resume needs makes it difficult to do a substitute for adult resume templates with teenage resume templates.

Enter a resume builder for teens that utilizes a questionnaire that is oriented specifically at high school students. An effective teen resume builder will collect information about the teenager’s accomplishments at school: GPA, school clubs, athletics, hobbies etcetera. This is then auto-filled into the template that was picked out from amongst the many teenage resume templates by the high school student. The result is an engaging and effective resume that is specifically oriented toward teenagers. A good teen-oriented resume builder such as this one even looks for work experiences likely to be found among high school students such as lawn mowing, pet sitting or babysitting; while eschewing the experiences likely to be found on adult resumes.

In short, using a resume builder for teens is an illustration of an ideal resources whereby teens can seek out and build good quality teenager resumes.


The Importance of a Financial Curriculum

Financial Literacy is a subject matter that is now required to be taught in many states across the United States, although, some it is still an elective. There is an abundance of curriculum related to financial literacy that can be purchased and used by schools of all levels. What exactly is financial literacy? Financial literacy is schools is learning about finances, savings, checkings , how interest works, budgeting, debit vs. credit and financial safety. A solid Financial Literacy Curriculum needs to cover all the things aforementioned in a manner in which students can understand the content. 

Why has financial literacy become more and more important? As the financial economy changes, our education system and our approach to education should change. It used to be that things were paid strictly with cash and then we moved on to either using cash or checks. There wasn’t debit cards, there wasn’t credit cards, so there isn’t necessarily a need for a financial literacy education, other than knowing what the various product were. Now, however, there are so many different options in the world of finance that it often leads to confusion for young people just starting out in the the world of personal finance. A firm financial literacy education makes sure students know how all of the various systems work together. According to the article from there are 6 trends that are making financially literacy more and more needed in our education system(s): 

1. Consumers are making more financial decisions than they have ever made before (with the dominance of online resources, many consumers turn to making decisions based on the information they have found online. 
2. Consumers are being presented with more and more options and do not have the knowledge to make an educated decision. 
3. Government aid is decreasing. 
4. Consumers are living longer than they did in previously. 
5. The changing environment (advances in technology, advances in education, etc). 
6. Too many choices – consumers have not been taught how to choose which option is best for them. 

Financial Literacy is key in teaching your students everywhere so that they can make the right decisions when presented with various financial options. The Washington Post states, “The good news, though, is that all of us can improve our futures through financial literacy. With a better understanding of the basics of finance – how to save, budget and invest – we can increase both our earning potential and our prospects for a solid financial future”.

Financial Literacy is a invaluable life-skill that we all students be exposed to through our education system. Each school system needs to seek out and do the research and find the best curriculum that fits their needs. There is a variety of options out there on financial literacy, from very basic to extremely complex. We are far past the point where High School Seniors should be graduating without any knowledge of the basics of finance. A good curriculum will teach students how to budget their personal finances effectively.


Why And How To Pursue A Position As A Home Inspector

Home inspection is a vital part of most home sales. Realtors and home buyers depend on the information provided through the home inspection report. Sometimes the information contained in the report leads to further negotiations, and other times the information causes potential home buyers to change their minds about buying a particular house at all. The home inspector is a key component in making buyers aware of the details pertaining to their investment. Many realtors suggest reliable home inspectors to their clients. 

Home inspection is a great job for people who are helpful, thorough, knowledgeable about components of homes, and comfortable communicating information verbally and through writing. For individuals seeking a convenient way to learn more about the trade, there are Online Home Inspector Training Course options. Just as there is a lot of flexibility in the schedule of home inspectors, there is also flexibility in online course options. Some home inspectors work very part time, while others work full time. There are online course options that are available round the clock, and participants can complete the material at their own chosen pace. There are versatile ways to become well rounded, and real life experience only enhances what is learned through the training course. 

Some online training courses also include the use of a handbook or textbook, which will most likely prove to be a valuable resource even long after the course has ended. Handbooks are also available to assist individuals in preparing for the National Home Inspector Examination
The National Home Inspector Examination website is a wonderful resource for identifying which states are regulated and for becoming more knowledgeable about the exam itself. The website also includes a database of credentialed home inspectors per state. 

Passing the examination and gaining experience through a certified course make home inspectors more respectable in the industry, especially since requirements for home inspectors vary per state. Some home inspectors also gain credibility through professional affiliations and endorsements. Some example of these affiliations are the North American Association of Home Inspectors and the International Association Of Certified Home Inspectors. While participation in these organizations does involve membership dues, there are also perks such as continuing education support, marketing assistance, certificates and business cards, discounts for software and insurance, and even legal advice. Professional affiliations help home inspectors to stand out from other inspectors in the area and to gain credibility and referrals. 

Becoming a home inspector is a rather quick way to begin a career in the home buying and selling industry, and is one that should be taken seriously. It is a satisfying career and one with appealing scheduling flexibility. There is also the opportunity to work for a firm, or to go into business for yourself or even to buy into a franchise. There are great online courses that bring individuals up to speed about any home components they are not already knowledgeable about, and this is all available in the comfort and convenience of home. It is a position and option well worth exploring. 


Finding The Best School For Your Child

Before your child begins kindergarten, consider finding another type of school where your child can learn the basics about colors, letters, and other subjects in preparation for elementary school. When you begin looking for a preschool, there are a few things that you should pay attention to, especially the way that the teachers interact with the children. If you keep a few tips in mind, then you can enroll your child in the best program for a successful learning environment. 

As you tour a pre school West Jordan UT offers, view how the teachers talk to the children and how they interact with them. They should try to get on the child’s level and communicate with the child instead of pushing the child aside. Make sure the workers show that they care about the children in the school. There should be fun and laughs and talking in the rooms instead of children sitting in corners and sitting around with nothing to do for fun. You should see the teachers playing games with the children and teaching them about various subjects while having fun with learning at the same time. The workers should enjoy what they are doing in the classroom instead of having a miserable look or acting like they just don’t want to be there. 

Check the training of the teachers and the workers. While many preschools might not require that assistant teachers have the same certifications as the lead teachers, they should still have the basic first-aid courses in place as well as some kind of children certification or be enrolled in classes. Examine the license of the preschool as well as the grade that the school has received from the state. 

The safety of your child is one of the most important components that should be in place. Find out about any emergency plans that the school has and what will be done if your child is sick or if there are any issues with your child. The school should have more than one exit plan in place in the event of a fire or another type of emergency. 

Explore the rooms of the school, paying attention to the details on the walls and the furniture. The school should be full of color and have artwork on the walls. The furniture should be of a size that is comfortable for the children. Ask about crafts and special events that are offered for the children. There should be plenty of space for the children to walk and have fun during the day instead of the rooms being filled with clutter or the tables and chairs being so close together that no one can walk. 

Find out how the teachers communicate with parents. Ask about a folder or an email that is used to get details about the work that your child has completed or if there are any issues that need to be addressed. These are only some of the tips to keep in mind when you begin looking at a school for your child to comfortably and safely attend.