A Guide on How to Handle the Blocked Drains

Nothing is messier and nasty than clogged drains. It creates the vast inconvenience in the household. Additionally, it is disgusting and encouraging the odor inducing problem. Every homeowner experiences this nuisance at least once in their life. Not sorting out this problem may bring a chance to affect you and your family health. Plenty of reasons are behind the occurrence of blocked drains.

Some of them are accidental fall of foreign objects, heavy build-up of hair and other gunk. Understanding the exact reason for the blocked drain is paving a path for the permanent solution. It also renders a better chance to avoid such kind of problem in the future. In the guide, you are going to know the different ways to handle blocked drains Northern Beaches.

How to clear the blocked drain

  • Boiling water

Boiling water is beneficial for tackling the blocked drains caused by the conditioner, grease, and various other toiletries. As these substances have the low melting point, extreme heat assists to break them up. Instead of gas, you can use the kettle to boil the water. Once the water reaches the boiling point, pour it down the drain to remove the blockage completely. It is one of the cost-efficient yet straightforward remedies for removing the blockage in the drain.

  • Caustic cleaners

If you need an immediate and strong solution, then go with the caustic cleaners. Many stores are now selling caustic cleaners. It takes intense action against the drain blockages and makes sure a quick relief from this nasty problem. It dissolves oils, fat, and grease, which make it ideal for harder blockages. Before starting, you have to read the instructions mentioned on the product carefully. Keep in mind that you have to ventilate the room properly as you use the strong acid to clear the drain.

  • Natural cleaners

Whenever you have some hesitation in using the causative cleaner, you can go with the natural cleaners. Some natural cleaners create the fizzing effect, which breaks drain blockages quickly. After pouring the hot water down the drain, mix one cup of bicarbonate of soda with the cup of vinegar. Pour this mixture into the drain and wait for ten minutes. The combination of hot water and natural cleaner will break the blockage.

Besides, you can use some practical tools such as plungers to remove the blockages. Finally, call the professional plumber who offers the best solution for blocked drains Northern Beaches if nothing works out.

Reasons to call the expert 

Regardless of how nice your appliances are, almost all the plumbing fixtures are subjected to clogged drain lines. The primary culprits are food, hair, oil, soap, and grease. Sometimes, the blocked drains never fix with the DIY solution and need professional attention. Experienced and skilled plumbers find the root cause of the issue and then use the right tool to fix it. Additionally, they use environmental-friendly cleaners and equipment to remove the block without affecting the pipelines. It means you will get out of this nasty problem quickly and safely.