You Can Learn Things as an Adult

When people grow older, they think that going to school and learning are no longer for them. The underlying logic is that education and nice activities are for kids, while work, vice and doing nothing are adults. This is a toxic mindset, and it is probably why so many people—especially Americans–are out of shape and have alarming levels of depression, drug abuse and self-harm. People should really engage their minds in educational pursuits and physical activities as long as they can—learning isn’t just “for ten-year old’s.” 

There are a number of ways that adults can partake in learning. All kinds of places exist that give in-person classes. Those people who live in areas with more amenities have a wider selection of activities. For those who live in cities and suburban areas, there are colleges and privately-owned businesses that give all kinds of classes. 

As you go farther from major cities, it gets significantly tougher and tougher to find places that have high quality, stimulating classes for adults. As you go farther from cities, the selection for adults’ wanes, and most places seem to only have things for kids. Eventually, things seem to really wane for everyone in some areas where there aren’t many amenities. Fortunately, there are online classes that people can partake in. Free tutorials, articles and videos also exist on the internet to help adults learn. 

All kinds of online classes exist. There are free online classes, online classes that have small fees, online classes that have larger fees and pay-for college classes given by real universities. You can find online university for military. You can also find a variety of majors such as engineering, history, English, mathematics, psychology and other things. However, there are some majors that you will most likely not find in the form of online courses. These types of majors include things like nursing, fashion design and jewelry design—majors that are very important to take in-person. 

Also, there are a lot of books out there that are great reads. A trip to the local library or bookstore can expose you to a whole world of awesome knowledge that you never knew about. Libraries allow you to study on your own with as much time as you need with any book that you like. When you go to the library, you are in control of your education. Libraries are great for adults who want to learn new things and have a good time. Really, you make up an educational plan for yourself that is on par with a college, because colleges basically make people read books and spit out the information. 

As an adult, you can learn anything that you want to learn. The sky is the limit, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to learn something—given that it is not destructive to people and property in a malicious way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn or do activities as an adult that don’t involve vice or sitting around and doing nothing.


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