Why You Should Consider Switching to Vaping

Vaping has been in and out of the news cycle a lot recently. With companies such as Juul and others being accused of marketing towards younger kids. But the origins of vaping remains unchanged. The majority of vape and e-cigarette users are using it to help ease off addictive tobacco products. But with the booming popularity of vaping and the culture around it, some question is it healthier than actual smoking? While many scientists speculate if vaping is healthy, the vast majority agree it is healthier than consuming tobacco products. 

One thing that scientists agree on is that vaping is much healthier than regular tobacco products. While e-cigarettes still contain the addictive nicotine, regular cigarettes contain over 7,000 more chemicals. Many of which are harmful. Studies even show evidence to e-cigarettes helping reduce cancer rates caused by cigarettes and other tobacco products. 

Another big benefit of investing into vaping aside from your health, is the price. The price of vaping will save money for the average smoker. Studies show the average tobacco smoker will consume 10-20 cigarettes in a day. While the vaping does have reoccurring costs such as the vape juice, and atomizers the costs will routinely be less than what the average smoker spends. Going into a vape shop Denver Co, and buying a starter vape kit will cost around $25-$35. While a 15ml bottle of vape juice costs anywhere from $10-$15. That 15ml bottle is equivalent to about 7-8 packs of cigarettes. So as long as you take care of your vape, people who kick cigarettes for vaping will see savings relatively shortly. 

Vaping also carries benefits to your family and the people around you. While research is still ongoing about vaping and the effects it has on the body. Second hand vaping is thought to be nonexistent. As shown in recent studies done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). Not only does smoking effect your health, but the health of people around you. And big studies have shown vaping has a real reduction in both of these. 

Another lesser mentioned benefit of vaping is the connivence and smell vs cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, vape smell doesn’t linger, and won’t leave the room smelling like stale smoke. The smell left from vapes tend to last very shortly and will naturally dissipate. This is a major reason vaping is allowed a lot more places than cigarettes. But it is still good to be cautious and aware. Some places such as towns and counties have banned vaping in similar situations as smoking cigarettes. But some places don’t. It is important to look into your local laws, and be respectful when choosing where to vape in public. 

The public opinion on vaping varies. The rise in vaping consumption by underage users is concerning. But the original purpose of vaping is still very prevalent. Vaping has stopped many people who were habitual tobacco consumers, and has put a dent into one of the biggest health risks of the 21st century in America.


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