The Dreaded Bed Bug—How to be Rid of Them 

Bed bugs are something most people have heard of but may never have seen or believed real. In the United States, there is a resurgence of bed bugs recently. These bugs bite and are difficult to diagnose since they can be diagnosed as bites from other bugs. The bugs have been present for centuries though in the US they were dramatically reduced after World War II. 

What are Bed Bugs? 

Bed bugs have a long history and are small wingless insects that feed on human blood. They can be seen with the naked eye and newborn bugs are about the size of a tiny seed. The adult bed bug is somewhat larger at about a quarter inch with an oval shape and flattened. However, once fed their bodies enlarge for an amount of time. The color of the bugs can be white, light tan, burn orange or dark brown. There are two species Cimex Hemipterus and Cimex Lectularius. There is proof of these bugs found in ancient Egyptians tombs from 3,500 years ago. 

Combating the Pest 

Dealing with bed bugs can be a battle and to combat them has several elements starting with certainty that this is the kind of bug. This is carried out with a correct diagnosis by a physician and then getting the right help with any bed bug treatment cincinnati professionals. The person with this problem could wage the battle, but these are persistent making them challenging to eradicate. 

Reasons they are hard to get rid of because of where the bed bugs like to live. These bugs prefer dark soft surfaces like mattresses, cloth furniture like couches and clothing. They like crevices when disturbed, which makes them natural at hiding. They can be discovered in wood like bed headboards and paper including wallpaper if lose. One of the reasons the bugs have such a long history and why it may be therefore difficult to get rid of them without a professional, they feed between five and ten days, but can survive without feeding for over one year. 

Avoiding Bed Bugs 

One way to avoid bed bugs is avoiding second hand furniture and when unpacking luggage from a trip to a hotel or cruise place it directly in the washer. When in these locations do not place the luggage on the bed or carpet, put the luggage in the luggage rack. 

Once they enter a home, doing away with them all bedding and clothing must be washed at high temperatures. The use of a pesticide is necessary on bed mattresses, cloth furniture, closets, carpeting, and other areas. The use of pesticides inside of the house has to be done safely and safe for people and pets. A professional can make sure the poison to eradicate bed bugs is safe after the bugs are destroyed. There is no shortcut to do away with bed bugs and while difficult to eradicate them identifying the infestation maybe just as hard going by the bites rather than seeing the bugs.

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