Perfect Bread Pairings to Liven Up Mealtime

For thousands of years, bread has been an essential part of life. The most basic forms began as unleavened, or flatbread. As time passed, the types and varieties of bread advanced as well. In modern times bakeries offer amazing flavor profiles, creative bread design, and international variations. There are so many different options, yet the average person tends to consume only the same types of bread. They are missing out on a wide world of flavors, textures, aromas, and uses. This guide offers many bread alternatives that can be used to add variety to some of the most popular American meals. 


Sweetbreads and toast are the most common breakfast bread selections. Skip the standard sliced packaged bread and opt for a much better version of toast with brioche. This is a yeast bread that is slightly sweet and has a wonderful chewy texture. Brioche can be sliced and used as traditional toast or used for amazing French toast. Another amazing breakfast bread that can be eaten alone and is more of a sweet start to the morning is babka. This bread is both visually appealing and delicious with gorgeous swirls of chocolate, cinnamon, or cheese. 


An American favorite is the cheeseburger piled high with toppings and dripping with flavor. Skip the boring packaged buns and opt for large, soft kaiser buns. Vegetarians can skip the burger and opt for their favorite sandwich filling instead. Soup is the ideal lunch any time of the year, but it often isn’t filling enough on its own. The answer is both fun, portable, and efficient. Sourdough bread is pleasantly crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. The hollowed out center can be filled with soup, chilli, or a dip and the bread eaten at the same time. 


Pasta is always a crowd-pleaser. Garlic bread is tasty but boring. Focaccia bread is an excellent alternative that isn’t too filling and packs a punch of flavor. Leftover foccacia can be turned into stuffing, a sandwich, or turned into breadcrumbs for cooking. Traditional meat, potatoes, and vegetable meals need a bit of variety in texture. This is achieved by adding bread, of course. Consider an Irish soda bread. The mild flavor pairs well with almost anything. Use the bread to clean up all the tasty goodness off the dinner plate. 

There is a wide variety of bread options available at the bakery, grocery store, or that can be created at home. Only eating the same standard bread gets boring and repetitive. Instead, try out something new and exciting. There are many different varieties that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Leftover bread always has uses that can be turned into another meal. Brioche, babka, kaiser rolls, sourdough, focaccia, and Irish soda bread are just a small sampling of the endless options. Liven up any meal by trying a new type of bread.