Transmission Failure is A Thing of The Past

A car is a convenient and easier mode of transportation that is exciting until that day you hear those funny noises. A transmission failure is not an ideal situation, because it can seem like your only option is to just get rid of the car, but before that point, there are different ways to keep up the maintenance on your vehicle to avoid a total failure. Replacing your vehicle transmission can be expensive, but to avoid excessive costs, some things to pay attention to.

Transmission Warning Light 

The dashboard of your car is a great place to start when trying to determine what could be going wrong with your car. The light indicators on the dashboard are typically setup to provide fore-warnings to any problems that could arise. It’s a good point to take your vehicle to a trusty mechanic to unmask any transmission problems and move forward with rectifying it. Making sure to pay close attention to your dashboard and taking the warning lights seriously is the key to avoiding any further damages in the future. 

Fluid Leak 

When you take notice of fluid leaking out of your vehicle, it’s a clear sign to take it to your mechanic for diagnosing. Vehicle transmissions are units that are completely sealed, so under normal circumstances, there should never be leakage. If fluid is red or brown in color, reach out to your mechanic for proper inspection and diagnosing before refilling. This can be a step toward avoiding further damage, that can even seep into your vehicle’s battery. A trusted mechanic such as batteries wollongong can advise against battery damage. 

Transmission Slipping 

When your vehicle is experiencing transmission slippage, it seems to have slipped into a different gear without your knowledge. This can cause certain noises that will increase in pitch from the ordinary everyday transmission noises. This is also a significant enough reason to get your vehicle diagnosed by your mechanic. This can push the matter further into the vehicle struggling to accelerate in power and speed. Getting the vehicle inspected is your first course of action before it intensifies. 

Delayed Engagement 

A delayed engagement is a very suggestive sign that your vehicle is not operating as it should be. This is when your vehicle is noticeably delayed before registering into drive mode and begins to physically pull forward. When your vehicle is transitioning from the park to the drive mode, there is a stall that delays the transition, which can be very detrimental to the health of the car. 

Getting a car can be very exciting, but a sure way to keep up the excitement is by making sure the health of the vehicle is always in great condition. There are many actions to take to keep your transmission in a great working and healthy state. Paying attention to the transmission warning light, fluid leak, potential transmission slipping, and delayed engine are the most effective ways to keep updated.


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